Body Creations Sports Performance and Fitness helps people better themselves


Body Creations Sports Performance and Fitness aims to provide just what the name indicates: a wide range of strength training and performance enhancement services to build and sculpt the physical stature of any amateur or professional athlete. 

Body Creations also means helping anyone who wants to look and feel better about themselves through a barrage of physical and mental training techniques provided by Andy McCloy, owner of the elite business located on Madison Boulevard near the Huntsville International Airport. “We don’t push extreme transformation; we deal with slow progression from the most elite athlete to those who just want to get or stay in shape,” said McCloy.

After opening his business in Huntsville in 2001, McCloy moved to Madison in 2005 and has been at the current location seven years. With more than 200 current clients, McCloy has also assisted numerous professional and college athletes in their endeavors to be at the top of their game, but the 40-year-old McCloy said he is most proud of how many high school athletes he has helped progress to be able to earn college scholarships. The number of those gaining a leg up on the competition is in the hundreds.

“We’re recognized across the country and parts of the world for our longevity of helping others and the results that came with it,” added McCloy. “I feel this is a place for mentorship, and we’re dedicated to make athletes better versions of themselves.”

Body Creations provides a variety of programs, starting with those for ages 12-15. Young people learn weight training, flexibility and how to control their body weight, filling in the gaps school programs sometimes miss and supplementing what the athletes do in school.

McCloy said Body Creations also welcomes college and professional athletes in an array of sports. Numerous collegiate stars and professional athletes, including some currently in the National Football League from Madison such as Reggie Ragland and Jordan Matthews, have and continue to build their conditioning with McCloy.

McCloy emphasized he is also seriously interested in helping the common person – not necessarily elite athletes. He has several programs designed for those who want to be the best they can be, at any age. A metabolic blast program puts a large group of adults through a battery of workouts. Another program centers on strength performance and fat loss, and McCloy also offers one-on-one workouts with one of the several coaches he has on staff. “We evaluate what you need, prescribe the programs for each person and assist them all the way to success,” said McCloy. “Everyone has an inner-athlete, and we want to assist to make each person feel better about themselves and become that elite person we all want to be.”

Body Creations employs five coaches who help provide a systematic and comprehensive training system, that has proven to be successful: Chris Vermylia, Chris Tate, Kelly Fields, Kevin Perry and Cameron Finley. McCloy’s father, Steve McCloy, manages business operations.

Of the adults who have joined the programs at Body Creations, 60 percent are female. McCloy said he understands the concepts and philosophy of what every person needs in their quest to be better, no matter their level of physical fitness.

McCloy has been a highly-sought-after guest speaker and seminar host at numerous health and fitness symposiums around the world. This October, he will be hosting an informative seminar titled Better Human Workshop, and in November he is hosting renowned performance coach Brett Bartholomew, who will come to Madison to share his knowledge and be an inspiration to all. Both events are open to the public.

Besides dedicating his professional career to helping individuals become better human beings, McCloy also operates a consulting company called Tribe Mentorship, which, he said “is designed to help small businesses, like ours, to survive.”

Of the hundreds of individuals who have made their way to Body Creations, McCloy has one client who has had two battles with cancer and two knee surgeries, who still continues to train and credits strength training with helping him fight back against all the odds. “That client even has our business logo tattooed on his leg to indicate we’ve helped change his life for the better,” said McCloy.

Body Creations Sports Performance and Fitness is located at 9582 Madison Blvd. Business Center, Suites 16 and 17. Find out more by calling 256-658-4609 or visiting or