Cycle City Indoor Cycling and Fitness is prepared to put a new spin on healthy lifestyles for local residents. Cycle City specializes in indoor cycling and “showing people how it can be a full-body workout,” owner Jonathan Adkins said.

A member can reserve a specific bike online and avoid worry about not getting in a desired class. Classes accommodate skills from beginner cyclists to advanced students.

No experience is necessary to ride at Cycle City. “Our licensed instructors provide training for people at all fitness levels. To give people a chance to try us out, we offer all first-time guests a free ride,” he said.

The studio gym’s trainers and employees are licensed indoor cycling instructors. “On your first visit to Cycle City, our instructors get you properly fitted for a bike so that you can maximize your workout and minimize the risk of injury,” Adkins said.

During class, music helps cyclists through their workout. Cycle City’s calendar will feature special theme rides with concentration on 1980s, disco, pop/rock and hip-hop music to enhance the exercise experience.

The classes include Cycle 60, with 60 minutes of fat-burning cardio and performance training; City Tour, which focuses on newcomers to learn basic techniques; and City Ride, in which students will want to sing to the pop classics while engaging in a high-intensity cardio workout.

Another class, City Hype, involves an endurance ride. For Community Ride, Cycle City donates proceeds to a local charity. City Yoga acclimates beginners with breathing and stretching basics. For busy people, City Express gets exercisers in and out in 30 minutes. City Performance challenges cyclists to 45 minutes of cardio and performance training.

“Our cycle room has theater lighting so members can focus on the ride and their workout and not have to worry about other riders,” he said.

Cycle City’s indoor bikes are top-of-the-line Stages Performance models with onboard computers to monitor a student’s performance. A HDTV display tracks heart rate, power and calories burned. By email, a student receives a post-workout report to measure progress and to track personal goals.

“The great thing about indoor cycling is that the instructor guides you through the whole ride. While they’re coaching you through, you can still work at your own pace,” Adkins said.

“I decided to locate my business in Madison because my wife Veranda loved going to indoor cycling classes, but there wasn’t really a gym or facility in the area that focused on just those types of classes,” he said. In addition, he always has been interested in physical fitness. In college, he ran track and lifted weights. “Indoor cycling is a great way to stay in shape and have a great time while doing it,” he said.

Jon and Veranda have lived in Madison three years. Their daughter Jasmine is a high school sophomore.

Located at at 525 Hughes Road, Suite G, Cycle City Fitness is open seven days each week. For more information, email For a full calendar of classes, visit or Facebook/Cycle City Fitness. For a first-timer free ride, register on Cycle City’s website.