Liz Craig, HUSL member, flicks a pass at a pickup ultimate frisbee game in Madison. (Jen Fouts-Detulleo)

Liz Craig, HUSL member, flicks a pass at a pickup ultimate frisbee game in Madison. (Jen Fouts-Detulleo)

By Nick Sellers 

With the summer months come recreation opportunities in the Huntsville and Madison area for athletes of all skill levels and varieties.

One such opportunity is an ultimate Frisbee league, called Huntsville Ultimate, which has carved out a niche in the area among young professional athletes and is still growing.

The league boasts co-ed summer teams in the Huntsville Ultimate Summer League (HUSL), which compete from April through the end of July. In addition, men’s and women’s competitive travel teams exist as options for those looking to up their game.

“There is definitely a huge demand for it,” Liz Craig, Huntsville resident said of the league. “There’s a pretty high level of play for those who want it.”

The HUSL consists of around 16 teams, Craig explained, and each team has around 20 players. Teams in the summer league play each other and are conveniently confined to the Huntsville area.

Just as the league is experiencing growth, more players from the Madison area are contributing to the league. Pick-up games are a common occurrence at the Bob Jones football practice field on Saturday afternoons, with 15-30 players coming out for fun any given weekend.

“For me, it’s just a good way to get with people and have a good time,” said Madison resident Alex Johnson. “You get to work with a team better as you play more.”

Ages in HUSL and the travel teams range anywhere from young adults to people in their early 60s, Craig said, with the majority of players being in their 20s and 30s. Athletes younger than 18 must sign a waiver before joining the league, however.

Pete Wilkerson, who plays in HUSL and on Freaks Uv Nature, the men’s competitive travel team, said the atmosphere is inviting and conducive for athletes to improve their game.

“It’s also a really good way to meet new friends,” Wilkerson said.

Ultimate Frisbee, in simple terms, is a combination of football and soccer played without stoppages. Teams advance the Frisbee downfield by tossing the disc to a teammate. Once the teammate catches the Frisbee, the player must stop and attempt to throw it to another teammate.

If the disc touches the ground, possession goes to the other team. A member of a team must catch the Frisbee in an end zone – similar to football – to score.

“You’re constantly running around,” Craig said. “It’s a great form of exercise.”

Craig said all teams are looking for women to join, as well as anyone else interested in joining a “fun and relaxed atmosphere.” More information on the league can be found at