Juice Bar Madison fuels nourishes in tasty ways

Fresh, nutritious ingredients are only one of the attractions at Juice Bar Madison.

“Our guests enjoy coming to hang out with us because we’re always friendly, compassionate and kind. I think I’m kind of funny, too,” Amanda Behrens said about her role as manager. “We have customers from every walk of life, which is something I love. I enjoy meeting everyone and helping them in any way I can. I love answering any questions and helping people come up with something that works for them. I genuinely love our guests.”

Juice Bar Madison serves wholesome foods, juices and smoothies. “Juices are extraction of fiber to get all nutrients without your body having to use energy to digest it. Juicing also stimulates your digestive tract so you can actually flush out your system and start over,” Behrens said.

Compared to juices, smoothies are “a bit more filling and are great meal replacements. You also use whole fruits and veggies so you keep the fiber,” Behrens said. “You can add protein to any smoothie or any add-ons like flax oil, Maca powder, chia seeds or hemp seeds. It’s a great way to get all of your fruits and veggies for the day quickly and easily.”

Juice Bar Madison’s extensive menu is grouped so customers know all components in an order. “We offer vegetarian, gluten-free and very clean eating,” she said.

“Overnight Oats” are packed full of protein and fruit. Soups are vegan-friendly. Mason Dixon gluten-free bakery in Huntsville provides treats like Sweet Greens Muffin and Apple Orchard Bars.

Many customers order the Green Smoothie and Doc Smoothie for the day’s fruit/vegetable requirements. “They taste amazing,” Behrens said. “‘Ginger Greens’ and ‘We Have the Beet’ juice are two of my favorites. They give me energy to get through the day and really help my body feel great.”

Behrens favorite drink is the “PB&J” (peanut butter and jelly). “I always add spinach and hemp seeds. The ‘Smooth Beet’ is my go to smoothie,” she said. “We also do Juice Cleanses and Growlers of Juice … We are always ready to think outside the box. We will customize to meet anyone’s needs.”

Local growers supply as many ingredients as possible. “Scott’s Apple Orchard is one of my favorites. Vonnie’s Greens grows all of our wheat grass,” she said.

The menu includes Superfood Smoothies, too. “Superfoods are high in vitamins and minerals. Like spirulina … It’s great for iron but also has (many) properties like wheat grass. Two ounces of wheat grass is like eating five pounds of greens but removes toxins. It also helps you not rely on deodorant that contains metal and other chemicals.”

Grub South delivers for the juice bar.

Located at 107 Brookridge Drive, Suite E2, Juice Bar Madison is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. For more information, call 256-325-4300, email Madison@ILoveJuiceBar.com or visit ILoveJuiceBar.com, Facebook/Juice Bar Madison and Instagram.