Lee Marshall

Kids to Love 

Peace, hope and refuge are taking shape on a mountain in Tennessee as we begin to dream about the potential for our newest property.  Some of those dreams are already in motion. 

Cerro Tranquillo, which translates to Tranquil Mountain, is a beautiful estate in Lincoln County, Tennessee, given generously to Kids to Love by Rey and Cynthia Almodovar. It is teeming with promise and possibility and will serve our kids well.   

This summer it will become home base for our Camp Hope outreach, welcoming brothers and sisters who are separated in the foster care system.  We will host four week-long camps for siblings, and we couldn’t be more excited about the memories our kids will create on the mountain. 

Camp Hope is not a new mission; it has existed for years in temporary places provided to us so we can create connection for siblings.  Cerro Tranquillo brings a sense of permanency, and it makes sense because permanency is what our kids need. 

Kids to Love itself operated for years out of donated spaces; we could not have served foster children without those places. But when we found our permanent home on Castle Drive in Madison we were able to serve in bigger and meaningful ways, among them providing emergency assistance on a moment’s notice and, of course, starting KTECH, our workforce training initiative. 

Time will tell what new initiatives and ministries will evolve at Cerro Tranquillo.  I hope you’ll join us on the journey and be a part!