MADISON – In representing District 6 on Madison City Council, Gerald Clark weighs the pros versus cons, benefits versus costs before making his final decision on city issues.

Since the 1990s, Clark had been watching Madison politics during “a key time with issues that shaped the city’s growth and character. I wanted to make a difference … with road improvements, economic development and the school system.” He was first elected to council in 2012.

“Responding to calls, questions and comments from citizens was first and foremost the important issue,” Clark said. He believed a councilman must balance ‘needs and wants’ for the city’s future betterment.

District 6 covers the eastern perimeter of Madison. Builders developed these neighborhoods primarily between 1960 and1990. To determine the Top Three needs for District 6, Clark listened to “voices of the citizens”:

* Economic development – City leaders are working to hire a person dedicated to this need, Clark said.

* Traffic – “… Also an issue during the previous term. A transportation study is underway” for this concern. “The challenge will be in funding traffic issues that most benefit our city.” Clark hopes the city can tie traffic improvements to retail/commercial enterprises.

* Relationship between Mayor and City Council – “Much better than it was in the last term,” Clark said.

At Auburn University, he earned a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture. During high school, Clark studied forestry, fisheries and wildlife management in the Pacific Northwest. During his last semester at Auburn, he studied architecture in Europe.

Gerald and wife Tina always have lived in Madison County. They moved to Madison in February 2009 for educational opportunities for their children, along with the town’s atmosphere and proximity to work, church and activities.

From 1990 to 2003, he worked at Smith Engineering. He then started working for Civil Solutions and became a partner in 2005. “Civil Solutions sold to Goodwyn Mills and Cawood, where I currently work,” Clark said.

He has worked 25-plus years with municipalities in successful ventures along with the pitfalls. Clark has learned “to recognize opportunities and stay away from the less desirable ideas.”

Tina works as a contractor, supporting engineering processes with Moseley Technical Services at DRS Technologies in Huntsville. “Tina and I have two sons, Phillip and William. Phillip, 19, is stationed at Fort Rucker, Alabama with the U.S. Army and is training as a Warrant Officer and an aviator. William, 10, will be in fifth grade at Horizon Elementary,” he said.

“I also have two sons, Alex and Chris, from a previous marriage. Alex is retired from the Army and lives in Georgia with his wife Shannon and our granddaughter Sadie; Alex is currently attending Kennesaw State. Chris is a Sergeant in the Marine Corps and lives in California with his wife Chelsea and our granddaughters, Lily and Maddie,” Clark said.

Gerald serves on Madison Utilities Board, Madison Beautification & Tree Board, Madison Municipal Cemeteries Committee, Madison Station Historic Preservation Commission and as city liaison to legal and court matters.

In community involvement, Gerald has participated in pop-up park builds and with political and professional organizations. Tina serves as President of Madison Arts Council. The Clarks’ church home is Madison Church of Christ.

When he finds spare time, Gerald skis, swims, fishes, gardens and searches for the perfect barbecue recipe. An accomplished visual artist, he has painted landscapes for Christmas Card Lane.

“I would rather do my own home repair or remodel than hire someone because it’s fun,” he said.