Customize Your Master Bedroom


Hey Homeowners! How is that master bedroom feeling? Is it functioning the way you would like it to? If your most personal space could use an update, here are a few tips to elevate the atmosphere!


The focal point of every bedroom, your bed goes beyond the type and size of mattress you purchase. This should always be your showstopper. Make a statement by choosing a bed that reflects your personal style. If you like the luxury of an upholstered headboard, they come in all shapes and sizes. Going custom means your fabric choices are endless, and you get to choose all the details. If you prefer a more traditional wood or metal bed, it is possible to go beyond just choosing the style. Fine furniture makers make it possible for you to choose your finish and get a piece that is uniquely yours.


Just as you can choose the finish of your bed, now you can also choose a custom fine finish on your new dresser, nightstand, chest or armoire. High-end manufacturers offer a variety of door and drawer front styles, allowing you to create your own bedroom work of art. Do you need a place to charge your electronics? Many bedside pieces now come with a hidden charging station to keep cords neat and out of sight.


Do you have one of these lovely little spaces in your master bedroom that you are not making the most of? Think about how it would best serve you. Would you like to glam it up with a dressing table and jewelry storage? Perhaps you need a small writing desk for journaling or other small tasks. If you enjoy watching TV in your bedroom, it’s great to have a space besides the bed for that. Now it’s easier than ever to get the perfect piece to fit your nook. The best upholstered furnishings companies now offer build-your-own seating programs. You choose the size and every detail to create seating that you will never want to leave!


Tired of the standard fan? Your ceiling is a great place to make another statement. Go for a traditional chandelier or a sleek modern fixture. Add dimmers to create ambient lighting. Many master bedrooms have tray ceilings; make the most of this feature with a contrasting paint color or even
wallpaper to add pattern and texture to your room.


This is my very favorite feature! Custom bedding is the most personal touch you can make in your bedroom. This is what is next to your skin night after night. Choosing all-natural textiles that nurture you and promote healthier sleep is most important. Customize by choosing material, weight, color, pattern and all the trimmings for your sheeting, coverlet and duvet cover. Make going to bed even better!


The crown of every room is the window treatments. Invest in coverings that truly bring the style and function you desire in your bedroom. There are endless options beyond the expected blinds. Control light, privacy and temperature to perfectly meet your needs in materials that fit your style. You can even pick your operating system for many styles of draperies and shades. Custom window treatments mean you don’t have to sacrifice your style for excellent functionality.

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