Is your bedroom in need of a mini makeover? Even if your space is lacking in style, you
can still create a personal oasis by focusing on the functional. Here are some designer-
free ways you can elevate the atmosphere!

Change the sheets
Invest in the highest quality, natural fiber bedding your budget will allow. Keep a few
folded sets on hand for quick changes. The extra effort is worth it. There’s nothing more
relaxing than slipping into fresh sheets at night.
Switch to organic laundry detergents. Care for your endocrine system and overall health
by reducing toxic chemicals and artificial fragrance. There are brands carried at most
supermarkets. Do a little research and find your fave!
Oh, and – make the bed, every day.

Tidy up
Banish clutter. Keep only functional, beautiful things on tabletops and shelves. Clear
those corners of items like sneakers, laundry and other random things that tend to pile
up. Tuck a few microfiber cloths in a drawer for quickly wiping things down. Dusting and
vacuuming daily will improve your sleep quality. You don’t have to wait for the
housekeeper. It only takes a few minutes – if you have decluttered your space.
Believe me, once you get used to the routine of tidying up, it will become a ritual you
enjoy. You will notice the difference in how you feel having a fresh bedroom every day.

Light it up
Whether you have made the switch to LED bulbs or you still prefer incandescent
lighting, choose a soft or warm white. You don’t want your bedroom feeling like an office. If you have a lovely ceiling fixture, or wall sconces, consider installing a dimmer.
It’s a great way to customize your ambient lighting.
Warm things up with beeswax or coconut wax candles. They are lightly scented, non-
toxic and clean burning. If lighting a flame in your home makes you uneasy, check out
battery-operated candles. You can find them just about anywhere in styles and price
points to suit you. Psst – candles often lead to romance. Get some.
Plug in an authentic Himalayan salt lamp. The rosy glow is perfect for your bedroom,
and they help clean the air naturally.

No screens
Don’t work in your bedroom. Officially clock out when you cross that threshold.
Give your eyes and your mind a rest by putting away your phone, computer or tablet an
hour or two before you turn in. You will sleep better. Also, you might rediscover all the
great things you used to do before bed like sinking into a bath, getting some exercise,
journaling or losing yourself in a novel.
Eliminating screens also reduces the mangled mess of cords that lurk around in your

Enter your sanctuary
Spend more time in your private space. Go to bed earlier. Learn the lifechanging magic
of catnaps. Keep an exercise mat and some light equipment tucked under your bed for
quick morning and evening fitness rituals. Listen to music, or reconnect with yourself
and with your partner. Make this space a true retreat where you recharge and renew
within your own home.
With just a little web browsing, shopping and experimenting with some of the above
products and ideas, you can change the way you experience your adult space. Incorporating habits that require minimal time and effort will bring joy, peace and vitality back into your life in and out of your bedroom.

I’m Jenny Mitschelen, a veteran interior decorator who recently fulfilled her lifelong
dream of moving to Alabama. I’m mostly known for being crazy in love with Chris
Mitschelen, being Feisty Mama Bear to our three young adults and holding the fort
down on the daily. When I’m not out making personal spaces lovelier for my clients, I
am typically in my home design studio, an arena that works overtime when it transforms
into my personal fitness boutique. I can be found here getting creative or sweaty,
occasionally at the same time – most often with a cat underfoot or in my lap. My wish is
that you will visit me here often and be inspired to take excellent care of yourself and
the most intimate spaces of your home.