All things white, bright and beautiful

Wedding trends and dazzling details 

Photos and information sourced from Amandalyn Dorner with ADP Photography + Film 

Trends: Some vanish overnight, and some are here to stay. Local wedding photographer Amandalyn Dorner brings you the dazzling details she’s seeing in the industry and the most exciting upcoming trends to expect in 2020.

Color Coordinating Bridesmaids Dresses

One of the most exciting and popular trends I’ve seen recently is the mix-matched bridesmaids’ dresses. Instead of having one color and style, each bridesmaid wears a unique style and color. The colors work together to fit an overall color palette. This is a great way to ensure each bridesmaid gets a dress that fits her well, and the fun colorful group can come together to complement the bride and her chosen color scheme!


Rain happens, and you really can’t control it. There is a fun way to counter the ugly weather. Clear umbrellas allow you to still be able to step outside to get those romantic photos, regardless of the weather! And because they’re clear, they don’t take away from the environment – and honestly they’re so much fun to photograph!

Mimosas in the Morning

Getting ready in the morning surrounded by all your bridesmaids is one of the most fun parts of any wedding day! A lot of ladies will start the party early by pouring mimosas. It’s a great way to celebrate and get everyone in the mood for the fun day to come.

Rose Petal Getaway

A great alternative to the typical sparkler exit is to use real rose petals. It’s romantic and truly showers the bride and groom in such a beautiful way.

The Iconic Veil Photo

Everyone is throwing their veils high and stretching them out for the perfect romantic photo. It’s one of my favorites, as a wedding photographer, to get during their special day! Something about the way the veil frames a kissing photo just makes it all that more intimate.