Expanding EEG helps Madison Hospital serve

As a community hospital, we are continually striving to better meet the healthcare needs of the Madison community. One new way we’re doing that is by making EEG – electroencephalogram – tests more accessible to both children and adults.

Madison Hospital recently expanded its outpatient EEG program from one day a week to Monday through Friday. The tests are now offered every weekday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. in a dedicated room on the fifth floor. 

EEGs can be scheduled for any patient age 4 and older with a physician referral. Parents should be comforted knowing their child’s EEG results will be reviewed by Dr. Kimberly Limbo, the area’s only pediatric neurologist. Huntsville Hospital’s board-certified neurologists review the results of EEG tests on adults.

If you live in or around Madison, there are several advantages to having an EEG done at Madison Hospital: We are close by and can schedule your test with minimal wait time, plus, finding your way around our hospital campus is easy, and parking is free.

The EEG test is a popular way to detect and record electrical activity in the brain. EEGs are used to help diagnose a wide range of health issues, including epilepsy and other seizure disorders, brain damage, brain tumors, stroke, sleep disorders and inflammation of the brain. During the test, a technician attaches several electrodes to the patient’s scalp to amplify and record brain waves.

The test is painless and typically takes less than an hour.

If you or your child need an EEG, we’re ready to help. Have your physician call our EEG scheduling office at 256-801-6282 to book your appointment. If you have questions or want more information about our EEG services, call us at 256-817-5150.

Mary Lynne Wright
Madison Hospital