Healthy living is something we can all define, whether that means making changes in diet, trying to take a walk every day or eliminating stress points. But sometimes to live well, you have to reclaim your health – and that takes a bigger support system.

Heart of the Valley YMCA offers members a framework for healthy living that runs the spectrum – from promoting well-being, to reducing risk, to reclaiming strength, to controlling diabetes and to walking a journey as a cancer survivor.

The Y offers three flagship programs that are included with your Y membership:

EnhanceFitness: A proven program for senior fitness and arthritis management, EnhanceFitness incorporates low impact classes to increase strength, balance and flexibility and reduce the symptoms of arthritis in a fun, supportive atmosphere.

Diabetes Prevention Program: Prediabetes occurs when blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough for a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Risk for developing Type 2 diabetes can be reduced or eliminated by weight loss, healthier eating and increased physical activity. The YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program is a year-long journey with peers who encourage one another to make choices for a healthier lifestyle. Classes in nutrition are led by a certified lifestyle coach, and participants can incorporate activities such as a weekly 30-minute MOVE exercise class.

Fit to Fight: Additionally, the Y offers Fit to Fight, a 12-week cancer survivorship program that encourages a well lifestyle incorporating low impact exercise classes and the support of a peer group and dedicated personal trainer.

To learn more, email Terri Keller, YMCA Health Initiatives coordinator, at terri.keller@ymcahuntsville.org.

Want to save on Y membership in 2019? Visit ymcahuntsville.org to join online or call the Hogan YMCA at 256-705-9622. The Y also offers financial assistance to those who qualify.