Mike Potter and his wife of 47 years, Patricia, have two daughters, Amy Bock and Leigh Tarr, and two
grandsons, Harrison and Logan, who all live in Madison. Potter, a Madison native of nearly two decades,
has served in a wide variety of positions throughout his life, from Army lieutenant colonel, to
Engineering Fellow at the Raytheon Company, to Pastoral Council at the Most Merciful Jesus Catholic
Church. He holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and a master’s degree in electrical
engineering and is also a graduate of the U.S. Army Guided Missile Engineering and USAF Air Command
and Staff College.

1. How long have you lived in Madison?
Since May of 2003. I had lived in southeast Huntsville for the 20 years prior to building a
house in Madison.

2. What is your job title, and what does your work entail?
I’m currently retired. I’m a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel (1970-1990); retired
Engineering Fellow, Raytheon Company (1990-2008); former Madison City councilman,
District 4 (2012-2016); Madison planning commissioner (2012-present); co-chair of the
Madison City Schools Growth Committee (2017); Pastoral Council, Most Merciful Jesus
Catholic Church (2016-present); and president of Taylor’s Crossing HOA (2007-present).

3. What made you choose your job, and what about it was meaningful?
I entered the U.S. Army from ROTC in 1990 and ended up doing 20 years, as we enjoyed
the work, educational opportunities and travel. We spent seven of our 20 years in the
Army at Redstone and loved north Alabama. We remained here, and I continued being
a systems engineer with the Raytheon Company until we retired in 2008. Work’s biggest
reward was having worked in the development of the Patriot Missile System, seeing it
fielded and deployed and actually used in combat. We still enjoy being a member of the
“Patriot” family and have many lasting friendships.

4. What is your favorite place to visit in Madison?
I love the Madison Street Festival and seeing how our city always turns out to celebrate
our community.

5. What are your favorite Madison restaurants, and what do you like about each of
Love Main Street, Fulin’s, El Palacio and Cork & Crust.

6. Why do you love Madison?
Madison is unique in its character – a growing city that retains a small-town attitude.
Our neighborhoods are diverse, and education is valued. Parents are involved in our
school system, citizens are involved in community, and the Madison City Schools system and city employees are dedicated and set high standards of service. Our city leadership is open-minded in dealing with our growth challenges. We have felt connected to
community ever since we first moved to Madison.

Fast Five
1. Favorite hobby: Working math problems with one grandson and finding trains with the
other one.
2. Favorite food: Whatever is cooked whenever the family is together.
3. Goal or ambition: To be remembered in life as a contributor to family, community and
4. Church: Most Merciful Jesus Catholic Church.
5. Something people might not know about me is: I actually had hair at one point in my