Enhance your private space for self care

In my job I have met many hard-working couples and individuals. As I tour their homes and listen to their wish lists, the master suite is almost always an afterthought. The spaces that are seen and used by kids and guests are at the top of the list.

Why is it so easy to forget to create space for ourselves as adults? We get overwhelmed with the responsibilities of parenting, career-building and serving others. We know we need a retreat but don’t know how to create that within our daily lives. Our boundaries blur – and often disappear.

Need for retreat becomes a desire to escape. That can be a dangerous place to hang out, and here’s what it might look like:

  • Resentment
  • Envying the vacation pics of others – or envying others in general
  • Self sabotaging habits, like eating too much, drinking too much or Netflix bingeing too often
  • Purposely spending too much time away from home
  • Staying in shallow friendships that do not encourage us to be our best selves
  • Not taking responsibility for our own personal growth

    How can we guard ourselves from falling into this pit?


Time and space to check in with yourself and your partner are not a given. In fact, you must ruthlessly plan and protect both.

Protect your time when you design your schedule. Protect your space when you design your master bedroom. Learn to say no. Learn to close the door.

Wake up and fall asleep in a space that nurtures you. You should feel instantly at ease when you enter this personal sanctuary. Design it to reflect your style and support your self care rituals. This is the space that restores you; where you maintain your glow and vitality; where you love yourself, your partner and the skin you are in.


It’s difficult to continuously evaluate what is working in our lives and what is not when we don’t have a place that reminds us to get still and contemplate the bigger picture. It is my sincere belief that adults must have a physical space in their daily lives that facilitates contemplation, prayer, journaling, setting new goals and planning good habits. This time and place of being still is also where we remind ourselves to continue growing.

So, what’s really on your wish list? For your master suite? For your life?

Let’s make it happen.


Jenny Mitschelen

Interior decorator